our story

Carr Lane Quackenbush portrait


new beginnings

Carr Lane Quackenbush retires as president of Medela, Inc., believing that breastfeeding moms still deserve a better solution to help their babies transition seamlessly between bottle and breast.

Momi bottle and nipple concept sketches

2011 - 2019

an idea becomes reality

After thoroughly researching the science of breastfeeding, Carr Lane develops an idea for an innovative nipple that would be the solution moms are looking for. Over the next eight years, he designs, prototypes, and tests countless iterations until he has perfected (and patented) the nipple that replicates natural nursing.

Momi team


mōmi team forms

With the nipple ready to go to market, Carr Lane joins with other business leaders, medical professionals, and veteran entrepreneurs to form the team that will execute the vision.

collage of different moms and babies trying the Momi bottle for the first time


field testing

Before launching sales, mōmi conducts a field trial with the final product design. Over 10,000 moms volunteer to participate!  Among those selected, many moms report incredible outcomes. Babies who had refused 5, 10, even 24 other bottle nipples successfully accept the mōmi nipple.



More than a decade in the making, the mōmi nipple is finally available to all parents and their babies.