Momi Nipple

babypace™ nipple

The heart of our patented babypace™ technology.

The babypace™ nipple stretches, compresses and coheres for the most true-to-life nursing experience. Individual nipples can be purchased to add to your existing mōmi bottle set or to try a different flow rate.

  • Choose from three different flow rates (slow, medium, fast) to fit your baby
  • Skin-soft silicone designed to stretch and pull just like mom
  • Anti-colic vents designed to reduce gassiness, regurgitation, and discomfort
  • Nipple design allows for a paced, controlled feeding 
  • Attaches the purple mōmi collar, which fits all mōmi bottles
  • The mōmi nipple is designed to last at least three months under normal use conditions

Important: if you last purchased prior to October 2023, read about our new improved flow rates. Things have changed!

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    the mōmi difference.
    same latch. different nipple.

    it's all about the nipple™

    by momtech inc.

    Duct demonstration ainmation
    solid nipple, single duct.

    The mōmi nipple has a single duct running through the center. This enables your baby to regulate the flow of milk by compression with the tongue, just as with your own nipple.

    nipple stretchiness demo animation
    soft, stretchy, squeezy.

    Our proprietary combination of silicones is soft and compressible.
    By replicating nursing, the mōmi nipple lets your baby suck, swallow, and breathe naturally.

    bottle assembly demonstration
    assembles in a hurry.

    Our bottle has only three simple components—bottle, nipple, and collar. Because we’re modeled on the breast, there’s no need for small parts that get lost in the bottle shuffle.

    how it works

    see how mōmi works like nature to solve problems for moms and babies.
    watch explainer video


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